We’re a holacratic organization and we strive to become a fully functional Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This means that there are no old-school management structures or barriers to entry. Anyone can join or create a team (‘holon’), whether for-profit or nonprofit, and benefit from the support and technological infrastructure of the BITNATION community.

A Holon is something that is simultaneously a “part” and a “whole” and everyone can join and create their own operational centers (“holons”). This allows BITNATION to remain fluid, be autonomous and thus not limited or controlled by a centralized hierarchy. You can select more than one holon.


When you partner with BITNATION, you get access to all our teams, community, chats, and newsroom where you can post news directly to our Facebook and Twitter feeds.
We want to talk to you if you have a plan to radically disrupt the world.

You can suggest your own projects in the chat, and if there’s a consensus that it advances our movement for voluntary DIY Governance movement, it can be funded through our Backfeed integration!



​EVEN US, CHILDREN OF THE NET, VIRTUAL CITIZENS; SOMETIME NEED A SAFE LOCATION TO MEET; LIVE AND LOVE. Share your space, whether it’s an office, coffee shop or your home, and open it up for your fellow hackers and crypto aficionados around the world! Imagine always having a place to go, even in new countries, where you feel safe and can live and work with like-minded people.

There are two types of places, Embassies and Consulates:

A place where you can both live, and work (and naturally, meet)

A place where you can work – like a shared office space, for instance – or maybe organise a meetup or a hangout.


When BITNATION was established, we had a distinct group called “Ambassadors” which were various type of Contributors from Application developers, to writers, and more. As BITNATION moves to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model, all barriers to entry will be removed so everyone can be a Contributor. However, new definitions of Ambassadors are necessary, and certain education will be required for these new roles, defined as follows:






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