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Reclaim Your Sovereignty by Creating Your Own Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN).
If you want to prepare your information in advance, you can access a PDF version.

Logo/ Flag/ Coat of Arms


Borderless | Decentralized | Voluntary




To create Your Nation on BITNATION you will need to think through your objectives and governance modalities. This form provides both guidance and a summary of the basic information required to set-up Your Nation. After registering, you’ll gain access to technical resources to create Your Nation, including DVBN code to run Your Nation on the Ethereum blockchain, tutorials on setting up your nation and access to a community of Nation Founders and developers, among other goodies which we will introduce over time.

We understand that Nations evolve. We will ensure that once you’ve created Your Nation’s profile on BITNATION you’ll be able to modify the information you’ve entered as your ideas develop and you learn more about Your Nation and its citizens needs.

When our Pangea software reaches Beta stage, you’ll be able to transfer Your Nation onto the Pangea “Blockchain Jurisdiction”, a DIY Governance Client that will enable you to operationalise Your Nation, on a smart contract powered, peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted platform.

With love,