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Hoyle Leigh

Hoyle Leigh talks about “endemic memes” & it’s seemed to me that DSM behaviors are endemic to coercive societies. I’ve identified the centralization of psychology as the underlying cause of DSM behaviors.

To start a conversation around this, I’ll define the concept centralised psychology, as contrasted to decentralized psychology. Psychology – the science of subjectivity – is an a-political sciencepolitically neutral, and to emphasize that, I’ll formalize it as decentralized psychology. Psychiatry, or centralised psychology, should be understood as a form of government  

To paraphrase, 

“Hence psychiatric diagnosis functions as a political device employed to legitimate activities that might otherwise be contested. “
-Joanna Moncrieffa, Psychiatric diagnosis as a political device, 2010


Centralised psychology is no more scientific then racial biology was back in the 50s. Both have been part of government, used to enforce political ideologies. And both have been dangerous because of how they disguised their intent as science.


My own nation, Sweden, was unable to avoid the lure of centralised psychology, so I’ve looked to the internet to create a new nation, together with like-minded peers. We are calling it #BITNATION — come find us and be part of the new world.


The Subjectivity Revolution


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