Developer Announces Plans to Launch Bitcoin Tower in Dubai

  • The Bitcoin Tower recognizes the impact of cryptocurrencies around the world.

As the world marks Bitcoin’s 13th Pizza Day, a Dubai-based developer has shared an ambitious plan to erect the world’s first Bitcoin Tower. According to the developer, the project aims to demonstrate the significance of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Salvatore Leggiero, the developer backing the project and the CEO of Metaverse Investments LLC, explained in a statement that the project mirrors the global importance of cryptocurrencies. He noted that the “innovative approach to hospitality reflects the growing importance of cryptocurrencies in today’s society and is an excellent way for people to experience and learn more about them.”

Leggiero added that the 40-story architectural landmark will embody blockchain technology, promote the reduction of carbon emissions, and advance artificial intelligence.

The Bitcoin Tower will also provide non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with unique functionalities intended to reward customers. Guests can earn from staking digital currencies, which they can redeem with their rental payment.

Leggiero noted that the Bitcoin Tower “will be the first hotel that gives you back the money you paid, plus interest.” He also revealed that he contacted prominent architect Simone Micheli in search of ideas for the digital portrayal of the tower. Leggiero believes the project will bridge the gap between digital and physical assets, causing a revolution in the real estate market.

He said,

What I propose is a real estate revolution, creating a bridge between digital and physical real estate. The Bitcoin Tower will be the starting point for all those who want to participate in this revolution’.

Leggiero, in his statement, extended an invitation to creatives, architects, artists, and crypto enthusiasts to take part in this ground-breaking project. According to the developer, “all those who want to can submit their works that will form an exclusive collection of NFTs dedicated to the Bitcoin Tower’s design or its internal spaces, in a digital space representing an asset of exceptional tangible value.”

The project is expected to be unveiled on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, at the Bella Restaurant Lounge of the Grand Millennium Business Bay in Dubai.

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