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Our Verdict

To assist novice users in the turbulent cryptocurrency markets, Immediate Bitcoin can be employed. A trader should think about it if they wish to diversify their portfolio and boost their revenue. It comes with a professional account broker and all the assistance required for success.

Immediate Bitcoin trading system would be helpful to any trader looking to enter the cryptocurrency market. By creating an account and pledging a deposit, you may apply for your license right away. We advise you to use Immediate Bitcoin to take maximum benefit of the market.

Immediate Bitcoin Overview

🤖 Robot Name: Immediate Bitcoin
👾 Robot Type: Crypto Trading Robot
💸 Minimum Deposit: $250
✅ Is It a Scam or Legit? Legit
🚀 Claimed Win Rate: 84%
💰 Trading Fees: None
💰 Account Fees: None
💰 Deposit/Withdrawal Fees: None
💰 Software cost: Free
⌛ Withdrawal Timeframe: 24 hours
#️⃣ Number of Cryptocurrencies Supported: 50
💱 Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP
💲 Supported Fiats: USD, EUR, GBP
📊 Leverage: 5000:1
👩‍🏫 Social Trading: Yes
📋 Copy Trading: Yes
📱 Native Mobile App: No
🖥️ Free Demo Account: Yes
🎧 Customer Support: Live Chat
✅ Verification required: Introductory Phone Call / KYC
Immediate Bitcoin Signup
Minimum Deposit
Excellent Rating

Immediate Bitcoin Pros and Cons


  • Certified CySec Brokers

  • International Liquidity Pool

  • Trade cryptocurrencies along with stocks, foreign exchange, and CFDs.

  • 24/7 Trades and Operations

  • Trade With Over 150 Nations

  • Auto trading system

  • Profitable trades


  • Does Not Totally Reduce Risk

  • Minor Daily Admin is necessary

Is Immediate Bitcoin Legit?

Finding the most reliable information online about the finest auto trading systems available could be difficult. Online, there are a tonne of biased reviews. However, Immediate Bitcoin has passed our tests, and we can attest to the legitimacy of this technology. Online, there are a lot of favorable testimonials from customers who claim to have made enormous gains from trading on Immediate Bitcoin.

We advise you to learn as much as you can about auto trading platforms by conducting research. Any investment has some risk, but Immediate Bitcoin gives you the option to reduce that risk by customizing your account settings. For instance, choosing when to start and end your trading sessions and setting a stop-loss limit. A CySEC will be given to you.

What Is Immediate Bitcoin?

Immediate Bitcoin has one of the most sophisticated trading systems. Due to its cutting-edge technology, intricate trading system, user-friendly interface, and suitability for both novice and seasoned traders, the system is extremely user-friendly. Owing to the huge differences in needs and expectations between the two types of traders on a platform, achieving this goal is challenging.

All of the information has been integrated into one platform by Immediate Bitcoin. A quick signup procedure and an account manager to guide you through the process are all elements of this advanced trading system, which is also complicated but simple to use. All the functionality you require is on the platform.

Immediate Bitcoin Signup
Minimum Deposit
Excellent Rating

How Does Immediate Bitcoin Work?

Immediate Bitcoin is an automatic trading programme that enables users to profit from market predictions made using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Immediate Bitcoin combines trading and artificial intelligence to provide users not just handsome returns but security at never-before-seen levels. They trade utilizing specialized robot algorithms that are only trained to alter positions based on hourly algorithmic forecasts of price direction, allowing them to swiftly profit on forecasted moves.

Key Features of Immediate Bitcoin

High Precision Trading

Immediate Bitcoin allows for the opening and closing of trades in less than one millisecond. When it comes time to make deals on the unstable cryptocurrency markets, this means that you will always be one step ahead of the competitors.

Minimum Commission

Immediate Bitcoin makes cryptocurrencies accessible to all traders equally. It levies a minimal trading commission of 0.01% as a means of rewarding brokers.

From Anywhere, Trade

Immediate Bitcoin is accessible from everywhere. Even when travelling, you may access your account. Only your login information, an active internet connection, and a functional browser are needed to access your account.

How to create a new Immediate Bitcoin account?

Sign Up

Simply clicking a link and submitting the necessary personal information is all that is required to complete this relatively straightforward process. You must authenticate your identity using the accepted verification method before you can begin trading. You will be able to put money into your account after this is done.

Immediate Bitcoin Signup
Minimum Deposit
Excellent Rating

Demo Account

Without using actual money, users may experiment with the platform’s many features. New users really enjoy this function, and the virtual environment that has been created is incredibly original and genuine. You will nevertheless be affected by how it feels to lose or win a trade, despite the fact that neither the money gained using this platform can be withheld nor can any losses have an impact on your account balance. You’ll be more ready as a result.


A potential trader must deposit $250 into a brand-new account with the broker before they can start trading. Your account will be activated by the system throughout this procedure, enabling you to take part in live trading. Keep in mind that there are several options for making this deposit. Make careful to choose the one that is most practical for you.

Live Account

When you are comfortable enough with your demo account, you are ready to go on to live trading. The demonstration function should be used initially, but you are free to forego it totally and begin trading with real money right away. Account managers are available to help with any necessary trade settings in the event of Immediate Bitcoin. According to our assessments, the trading procedure is rather user-friendly overall.

Can You Make Money with Immediate Bitcoin?

Users on the Immediate Bitcoin platform claim in their testimonies to have achieved daily earnings of between $800 and $2,500. We think the numbers are exaggerated, especially if you only have a cursory understanding of bitcoin markets and auto trading software.

Tips for New Traders

Paying close attention to your trading habits is essential. Here are some pointers for newcomers to reduce their likelihood of losing:

  • It is suggested that traders begin with a $250 minimum deposit. The trader minimizes loss in the event of a loss.

  • Take market earnings consistently and reserve a little sum for investments that will be reinvested. They should avoid investing the full amount because there is a chance they may lose it all.

  • The merchants are required to follow the expert’s guidance at all times. Students should also conduct study to educate themselves about the field they are joining.

  • According to the user, only invest money that you can afford to lose.

Immediate Bitcoin Signup
Minimum Deposit
Excellent Rating

Has Immediate Bitcoin Been Endorsed by Celebrities?

Peter Jones

British businessman and investor Peter Jones is worth 500 million euros. He may help with the promotion process and make your product into a major success in no time, making him a perfect co-sponsor or financial partner. We searched through his prior Dragons Den investments but were unable to locate any evidence that he had already backed this platform.

Trevor Noah

Immediate Bitcoin has been connected to The Daily Show anchor Trevor Noah. Many people think he became wealthy because of his bitcoin investments, but in reality, it was more likely owing to his expertise in comedy and his role as a comedian on The Daily Show, where he received far more pay than other comedians. There is nothing more to say about Trevor’s use of the site as there is no evidence that he invested in Immediate Bitcoin.

Holly Willoughby

One of the most well-known and well-liked TV hosts in the United Kingdom, Holly Marie Willoughby, is rumored to have started a campaign for an unnamed cryptocurrency trading website. The evidence against this charge, however, is lacking.

Is It Possible to Withdraw Earnings?

Log onto your Immediate Bitcoin account and then select Withdrawals. Your funds will be sent into the account you specified for your initial payment via Immediate Bitcoin. Enter your account details if asked to do so. Remember that in order to withdraw funds from your Immediate Bitcoin account, you must have at least $100 USD or EUR in your account.

Although cash withdrawals can happen quickly, it might take up to three business days for deposits to show up in your account. The length of time it takes for money to show up in your account might also be impacted by weekends and bank holidays. Not because of Immediate Bitcoin, though. Instead, it’s just the way the deposit system functions in general.

What Are The Fees for Immediate Bitcoin?

Immediate Bitcoin doesn’t charge for registration or deposits or withdrawals. However, there is a chance that your bank or card issuer will levy costs for these actions. The trading platform levies minimal trade costs.

Immediate Bitcoin Signup
Minimum Deposit
Excellent Rating


Who may use Immediate Bitcoin?

Currently, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and the majority of Asian nations provide the service. A VPN circumvents the website’s blocking on browsers in the Americas and India. After logging in, registered users can modify their location and language.

Is Immediate Bitcoin available as an app?

Links to iOS and Android applications are present on the Immediate Bitcoin website, however they are presently broken. The Immediate Bitcoin app is probably still under development. The browser is used to access the web-based trading application. Almost any mobile or desktop device with an Internet connection may now be used by traders to purchase and sell cryptocurrency.

How much money can you earn with Immediate Bitcoin?

The bitcoin market only determines how much you may earn each day from trading cryptocurrencies. If the market is very turbulent, automated trading systems like Immediate Bitcoin can profit from such sudden shifts in market trends to increase your profits. But don’t let a bad day stop you. On this auto trading platform, you may simply recover losses by persevering for another day.

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