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BitVestment is one of the most recent automated trading tools to assist traders in navigating the Bitcoin and crypto markets; however, is it genuine?

With Bitcoin now trading sideways in 2022 and erratic low timeframe price action referred to as ‘chop’ during the current crypto winter, automated trading systems can be a viable alternative to attempting to day trade the swings.

However, because the trading robot sector is unregulated, many crypto trading bot sites or ‘robo advisers’ are scams. In our BitVestment review, we look at the claims made on the BitVestment website and determine whether this cryptocurrency bot is a scam or legitimate software.

Our Verdict

BitVestment is one of the most well-known names in the crypto trading bot industry today. With its powerful algorithm and artificial intelligence, the Bitcoin trading platform claims to help many individuals automatically trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (AI).

However, the trading platform carries dangers, therefore we advise you to proceed with caution and plan ahead of time before joining up on the website or mobile app. You should also begin modest and invest just what you can afford to lose.

BitVestment Overview

🤖 Robot Name: BitVestment
👾 Robot Type: Crypto Trading Robot
💸 Minimum Deposit: $250
✅ Is It a Scam or Legit? Legit
🚀 Claimed Win Rate: 84%
💰 Trading Fees: None
💰 Account Fees: None
💰 Deposit/Withdrawal Fees: None
💰 Software cost: Free
⌛ Withdrawal Timeframe: 24 hours
#️⃣ Number of Cryptocurrencies Supported: 50
💱 Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP
💲 Supported Fiats: USD, EUR, GBP
📊 Leverage: 5000:1
👩‍🏫 Social Trading: Yes
📋 Copy Trading: Yes
📱 Native Mobile App: No
🖥️ Free Demo Account: Yes
🎧 Customer Support: Live Chat
✅ Verification required: Introductory Phone Call / KYC
BitVestment Signup
Minimum Deposit
Excellent Rating

BitVestment Pros and Cons


  • Trending crypto robot on social media

  • User base appears to be wide

  • Trading community to network with

  • Fully autonomous, automated trading platform


  • Little information on the BitVestment founders or team

  • No third party audit or backtesting made publicly available

Is BitVestment a Scam?

The BitVestment movement is one of the most recent developments in the crypto sector, and the platform has been a key industry leader in the creation of Bitcoin trading platforms. It employs cutting-edge trading technology. It creates a self-learning algorithm by integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, as compared to its competitors, the platform has a relatively high success rate. Furthermore, testimonials and evaluations appear to verify the BitVestment’s legitimacy. Users have profited from the platform’s offers, according to the reviews.

Customers should never rely exclusively on trading robots, particularly in cryptocurrency trading, because they do not reduce market volatility. Please conduct study on the fundamental and technical analysis of various cryptocurrencies before purchasing or trading them.

What Is BitVestment?

BitVestment is an automated crypto trading tool (or crypto trading bot) that has been professionally created to help crypto traders easily enter the market at any time. The BitVestment platform assists both new and seasoned crypto investors in making the most of their trading and investment journeys by doing trades on their behalf utilising sophisticated technology and market data.

BitVestment Bitcoin trading is based on a simple concept. The cryptocurrency market has no off days, and every minute a trader is out of the market, they risk losing money. As a result, the BitVestment robot trades Bitcoin when individuals are unable to do so.

In other words, as a crypto trader, you can relieve yourself of the stress of constantly monitoring your trades, especially if crypto day trading is your specialty. So, even if you need to sleep or take a vacation from all the market figures, you can still benefit when you trade with BitVestment.

The BitVestment automatic Bitcoin trading platform provides a simple and user-friendly interface that makes BitVestment Bitcoin trading effortless for both crypto-investing rookies and experienced traders with hectic schedules or who like to take breaks during trading hours.

BitVestment Signup
Minimum Deposit
Excellent Rating

How Does BitVestment Work?

BitVestment Review 2022: Is it Legit, or a Scam? | Signup Now!

As previously said, the BitVestment robot is a pre-programmed crypto trading bot that may perform automated Bitcoin trading on occasion. It analyses the crypto market using artificial intelligence and complicated mathematical algorithms to obtain reliable data, which it then uses to make informed judgments and take measured risks on the user’s behalf.

In other words, BitVestment uses its technology to successfully execute automatic Bitcoin trading on its users’ preferred Bitcoin trading platform and earn a reasonable profit for the user. Through the crypto trading tool, the trader is promised easier, faster, and more considered trading decisions.

According to numerous BitVestment reviews, the trading bot has an 85% success record and can negotiate market price volatility to profit more than the ordinary crypto investor or Bitcoin trading bot. As a result, this is an important issue to consider when weighing the advantages and downsides of BitVestment.

Surprisingly, trading with the BitVestment robot is simple. You merely need to sign up for an account on the BitVestment website, trade with a demo account to familiarise yourself with the platform, and then switch to live trading when you are ready, so the bot may begin trading on your behalf.

However, keep in mind that the minimum deposit for BitVestment is $250.

BitVestment Overview

Claimed Success Rate: 85%

Supported Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and big cap altcoins

Mobile App?: Yes

Fees: Not stated

Key Features of BitVestment Trading Platform

Trading Automation

BitVestment’s main selling point is its capacity to conduct automated trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To carry out automatic trading activities for its subscribers, the BitVestment robot employs complex algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI).

BitVestment customers can make more money from crypto trading even while they are asleep or inactive in the market thanks to its automatic trading feature and the absence of human mistake.

Asset Diversification

On BitVestment, users may trade a wide number of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, including popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as the finest meme coins to invest in today. BitVestment robot users can easily diversify their investment portfolio thanks to the availability of different trading choices. Because the Bitcoin trading platform uses complicated algorithms and technology to make the best trading decisions and conduct several trades, they will eventually be able to position themselves for more profit.

BitVestment Signup
Minimum Deposit
Excellent Rating

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

The BitVestment robot interfaces with MetaTrader 4, which is a unique feature. This enables BitVestment users to trade forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and other financial assets on the MetaTrader 4 platform without the need for a separate download.

BitVestment Mobile Application

Unlike many other automatic Bitcoin trading platforms, BitVestment provides a mobile app that allows customers to view their information on the website from anywhere. Users may also simply check their trading activities and make changes while on the go with the app.

The BitVestment mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.


To register and begin trading with the BitVestment robot, simply go to the BitVestment website and fill out a short form offered at the registration point. After your registration has been completed and verified, you will be required to deposit a minimum of $250.

How to Use BitVestment – Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Open an account

To begin, enter your name, email address, and phone number into the brief registration form on the right side of the screen. Fill in the proper information since you will be subjected to a verification process and may be rejected if you do not.

BitVestment Signup
Minimum Deposit
Excellent Rating

Step 2: Verify your Account

You will also need to validate your email address and present a valid ID document to prove your identity.

Step 3: Make a Deposit

Proceed to deposit monies into your BitVestment account after your identification has been validated. Remember that the first deposit is $250, however you can put more if you like. However, we urge that you do not invest too much money so soon to see if the site performs as promised. You should also think about making your first deposit with a credit card before using other payment methods.

The site does not impose any deposit or withdrawal fees. Remember that the $250 deposit is still yours. You can use it whenever you want to trade bitcoin and CFDs on BitVestment.

Step 4: Monitor Trading Bot

The demo account is one element that distinguishes BitVestment for new traders. The demo account assists crypto trading newcomers in understanding how BitVestment works and navigating the Bitcoin trading platform. If you’re new to the BitVestment bot, we recommend that you start with the demo account. You should also use it until you feel comfortable dealing with real money.

After you’ve satisfied all of the prerequisites and learnt from demo trading, you’re ready to begin live auto trading on the trading platform. According to user reviews, registered BitVestment users will be able to connect it to MetaTrader 4 and any crypto exchange or broker of their choice to begin profiting.

BitVestment vs other Trading Robots

The initial investment requirement is $250. (in comparison to other platforms that require a larger deposit)

KYC is a simple procedure (compared to other platforms with massive amounts of information required).

Can you make money with BitVestment?

BitVestment is an excellent platform for both novice and expert traders. Both the mobile and online versions of the automated Bitcoin trading platform have a user-friendly UI. It also employs cutting-edge technology to create an algorithm with a reasonably high success rate when compared to other cryptocurrency trading bots.

Furthermore, numerous BitVestment reviews and testimonies have rated BitVestment as one of the finest Bitcoin trading platforms for automated trading in 2022 due to its strong services – particularly to early adopters.

Finally, BitVestment offers a dedicated customer service centre that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you have questions or concerns, the staff is there to help.

However, according to the website and user testimonials, it offers an 85% success rate. It should be noted that this may be for marketing purposes, but based on the positive feedback, it’s safe to conclude it’s a fantastic platform.

In other words, we can’t say whether BitVestment is a scam because we couldn’t verify the majority of the accessible material. As a result, we advise you to proceed with caution before using the Bitcoin trading platform, as we await what happens with the app in the future.

Tips for new traders

However, according to the multiple BitVestment reviews available, the platform has a lot to offer. Crypto investors can make their trading activities easier, reduce the danger of human errors, and generate reasonable profits with the trading bot and the promises it delivers. Here are some great pointers to keep in mind as you go. Finally, you’ll be able to maximise your crypto trading and investment journey:

Begin with the smallest possible investment.

Bitvestment offers a $250 minimum deposit. The funds also serve as your investment capital, and you will trade with them later. With no additional costs or charges, we recommend that you invest no more than $250 when you first begin trading with BitVestment. However, if you’re an experienced trader prepared to invest more than the minimal deposit, keep in mind that you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

Take your winnings as soon as possible.

Never lose sight of the fact that the purpose of crypto investing is to make money. Also, keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and your money is no exception. Because prices fluctuate and there is the possibility of losing money, it is preferable to withdraw your winnings from your BitVestment wallet to your bank account or another digital wallet.

BitVestment Signup
Minimum Deposit
Excellent Rating

Take out time to check your account activities daily

Because the BitVestment bot will handle the majority of your trading activity, it’s important that you remain aware of what’s going on. Remember, you’re dealing with a pre-programmed bot with an 85% success rate. Instead of leaving your money to chance, try to check in regularly and set up some time to monitor your account.

Interestingly, BitVestment includes a mobile app that allows you to access your account while on the go. So, whenever you do, you should examine the BitVestment bot’s recent trading actions and make any required tweaks to assist you keep on top of things. This will also make filing your taxes easier for you.

Make an investment strategy.

Investing in cryptocurrency is not for the faint of heart. Things can quickly go from good to terrible – or even worse. Simultaneously, there are good days that might make your investment journey worthwhile. That is why you need a trading/investment strategy.

In other words, whatever happens to your account while trading with a bot is entirely your responsibility. As a result, you should create an investment strategy and tweak your trading software to meet your strategy and budget. Never entrust the BitVestment bot with all of your trading operations and capital.

Has BitVestment Been Endorsed by Celebrities?

Dragons Den – Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden

Despite several rumors being perpetrated by the marketing team at the BitVestment trading platform, we could not find any evidence to show that the platform had been featured or endorsed by the team at Dragons Den.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a multibillionaire and entrepreneur who founded Tesla and SpaceX. There are rumours that he has invested in BitVestment. However, there is no evidence to support these assertions, implying that the rumours are untrue.

Jeremey Clarkson

Despite several rumors being perpetrated by the marketing team at the BitVestment platform, we could not find any evidence to show that the platform had been featured or endorsed by the team at Jeremy Clarkson.

Holly Marie Willoughby

Despite several rumors being perpetrated by the marketing team at the BitVestment, we could not find any evidence to show that the platform or the trading strategies had been featured or endorsed by Holly Marie Willoughby.

Idris Elba

Despite several rumors being perpetrated by the marketing team at the BitVestment, we could not find any evidence to show that the platform or the automated trading strategies had been featured or endorsed by Idris Elba.

Ant McPartlin

Despite several rumors being perpetrated by the marketing team at the BitVestment, we could not find any evidence to show that the platform or the trading strategies had been featured or endorsed by Ant McPartlin.

Nicole Kidman

Despite several rumors being perpetrated by the marketing team at the BitVestment app, we could not find any evidence to show that the platform or the trading strategies had been featured or endorsed by Nicole Kidman.

Trevor Noah

Despite several rumors being perpetrated by the marketing team at the BitVestment app, we could not find any evidence to show that the platform or the strategies had been featured or endorsed by Trevor Noah.

Gordon Ramsey

Despite several rumors being perpetrated by the marketing team at the BitVestment app, we could not find any evidence to show that the platform or the strategies had been featured or endorsed by Gordon Ramsey.

Is It Possible to Withdraw Earnings?

The funds you deposit are held by the broker with whom you subscribed, not by your BitVestment account. To exit the platform, take the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account on the website of the brokerage platform.

  2. After you’ve decided on your preferred payment option, click the withdraw money button.

  3. Click the confirm button after entering the desired withdrawal amount.

  4. Once that is done, the monies should appear in your bank account instantly.

Keep in mind that most brokers who use the BitVestment crypto trading platform only accept withdrawals in fiat currencies like USD. BitVestment does not give away digital wallets or bitcoins as rewards.

BitVestment Signup
Minimum Deposit
Excellent Rating

What are the fees for BitVestment?

There are no hidden fees, according to the website, other than the maker / taker fees or spread imposed by the crypto exchange BitVestment users choose to utilise the programme in conjunction with.

Transaction Fees: Bitcoin network fees to withdraw

Trading Commissions: Zero commission

Account Maintenance Fees: None

Hidden charges: None


Is BitVestment genuine?

According to several user complaints and website claims, BitVestment appears to be a legitimate trading bot that can assist consumers in making a reasonable profit from auto trading. However, because no third-party organisation has evaluated the trading platform, we cannot attest for its validity.

Are there any celebrities who utilise BitVestment?

Elon Musk is a well-known player in the crypto industry, and he supports cryptocurrency trading. Elon Musk is also said to have invested in BitVestment. However, at this time, there is no record of him or anyone else openly endorsing, using, or promoting BitVestment.

Is BitVestment trading automated?

Yes. BitVestment’s mobile and web apps provide automated trading. Our Bitvestment review reveals that Bitvestment analyses the crypto market using artificial intelligence and complicated mathematical algorithms to obtain reliable data, which it then uses to make informed judgments and take measured risks on the user’s behalf.

How does BitVestment work?

To use BitVestement, you must first register an account on the platform’s website. You’re ready to proceed once you’ve filled out the sign-up form with your information and deposited the $250 minimum payment.

Is BitVestment suitable for beginners?

Our BitVestment review finds that BitVestment’s mobile and online channels provide a straightforward user experience. It is suitable for both novice and expert crypto traders due to its ease of usage. They also offer users a sample account so they can acquire a feel for crypto trading and how the site operates before trading with real money.

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