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The bitcoin market is renowned for its constantly active nature and price volatility. It could be difficult for traders looking to make money to navigate the market with such a structure.

But to help with this, bitcoin trading platforms have appeared. These services offer crucial support and free merchants from the majority of their trading-related responsibilities.

One of the available crypto trading platforms right now is Bitcoin 360 AI. The effectiveness of the platform has been testified to by a number of Bitcoin 360 AI evaluations, and its creators have made some bold claims about how it functions. Investors looking for information on Bitcoin 360 AI will find it all below.

Our Verdict

It has been established that Bitcoin 360 AI has all the necessary components for an outstanding user experience. For brand-new customers who are eager to make money on the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin 360 AI provides new options.

Using Bitcoin 360 AI would be advantageous for any trader wishing to enter the cryptocurrency market. You can apply for your license right now by opening an account and making a deposit. Use Bitcoin 360 AI, as we advise, to profit from the market to the fullest.

Bitcoin 360 AI Overview

🤖 Robot Name: Bitcoin 360 AI
👾 Robot Type: Crypto Trading Robot
💸 Minimum Deposit: $250
✅ Is It a Scam or Legit? Legit
🚀 Claimed Win Rate: 84%
💰 Trading Fees: None
💰 Account Fees: None
💰 Deposit/Withdrawal Fees: None
💰 Software cost: Free
⌛ Withdrawal Timeframe: 24 hours
#️⃣ Number of Cryptocurrencies Supported: 50
💱 Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP
💲 Supported Fiats: USD, EUR, GBP
📊 Leverage: 5000:1
👩‍🏫 Social Trading: Yes
📋 Copy Trading: Yes
📱 Native Mobile App: No
🖥️ Free Demo Account: Yes
🎧 Customer Support: Live Chat
✅ Verification required: Introductory Phone Call / KYC
Bitcoin 360 AI Signup
Minimum Deposit
Excellent Rating

Bitcoin 360 AI Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface

  • Quick signup process

  • Multi-currency support

  • Auto trading available


  • Unregulated trading tool

  • No Bitcoin 360 AI mobile app

Is Bitcoin 360 AI a Scam?

It is impossible to know for sure whether a proprietary crypto bot software platform performs as claimed because creators hardly ever make their tools available for public backtesting, making it impossible for rivals to copy them.

Do not over-invest in a single trading bot; instead, maintain a diverse portfolio. Automated copy trading is available on several authorized crypto exchanges. Take into account employing them in addition to standalone Bitcoin bots or cryptocurrency bots, as they are sometimes unlicensed or unregulated.

The Bitcoin 360 Ai website makes a number of promises, including that it is the “most profitable auto trader,” although these could just be for marketing purposes. Knowing the actual potential of any auto trader is different because it can also depend on how effectively the end user calibrates it and how much profit they decide to take out or reinvest for compound returns.

Some real Bitcoin robots have their websites scraped or pictures reused to create phony scam bot websites with “celebrity endorsements” from people like Martin Lewis or MoneySavingExpert, Elon Musk or Tesla, Jeff Bezos or Amazon, etc. These scams are simple to recognize and are not real crypto bots.

What Is Bitcoin 360 AI Trading Platform?

In contrast to equities, the cryptocurrency markets, including Bitcoin, trade continuously throughout the year, making it challenging for day traders and regular investors to consistently outperform them.

This led to a market for crypto trading bots that may act as “robot advisers” or “investment advisors” to automate the procedure.

One of the newest automated trading platforms in that market, Bitcoin 360 Ai, makes the promise that it may assist investors to increase their win rate per trade and creating more sustainable profits. However, because the software is proprietary, there isn’t much information online. According to a self-reported review of Bitcoin 360 Ai:

The creative and user-friendly, yet strong enough to satisfy your demands, Bitcoin 360 AI platform is a high-tech environment to help you maximize your cryptocurrency and Bitcoin profits. New individuals join our elite and prosperous community of investors every day in order to reach their financial freedom milestones and live a carefree lifestyle.

How Does Bitcoin 360 AI App Work?

Bitcoin 360 AI Review 2022 - Is Scam Or Legit?

The “AI” in “BTC 360 Ai” stands for artificial intelligence, which as a general term covers all the features of Bitcoin robots, cryptocurrency trading bots, etc., such as their automatic trading strategy, setting a TP/SL order in advance (take profit and stop loss), determining the optimal R:R (risk to reward ratio for trades), and being able to layer bids and asks to scale into a position gradually.

Human traders frequently become impatient with going through all of these steps, enter a long or short position in the middle of a trading range, and then get chopped up. Bitcoin 360 Ai asserts that it is more accurate than most retail investors at navigating price volatility in the cryptocurrency markets.

Bitcoin 360 AI Overview

Platform type: Bitcoin and crypto trading platform
Supported cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, BNB, LTC, DASH, BT, and more
Withdrawal time: Instant via cryptocurrency, 12-24 hours by fiat
Minimum deposit: $250

Key Features of Bitcoin 360 AI

Automated Multi-Asset Trading

According to Bitcoin 360 Ai, it is possible to trade Bitcoin and several of the best altcoins, including Ethereum, automatically. Notably, this Bitcoin bot platform also supports Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, two further forks of the cryptocurrency.

Simple to Use

The ease of use of the software is a frequent theme in online Bitcoin 360 Ai evaluations; yet, like with any crypto bot, these comments may be paid for, fabricated, or overstated. Be careful as you go.

Quick Withdrawal

BTC 360 Ai, which accepts deposits in both fiat money and cryptocurrency, promises a 1-2 business day turnaround for withdrawals of fiat money and fast payouts of cryptocurrency on its website. We advise trying out the Bitcoin 360 Ai withdrawal procedure as soon as possible.

Demo Account

Supposedly, after making the initial deposit and registering on the Bitcoin 360 Ai website (there is no free trial version accessible), a demo account is made available. That is beneficial because practicing with paper trading first reduces risk to nothing until you are certain that Bitcoin 360 Ai is real and effective.

Customer Service

The creators of the tool claim that users can get assistance from a trustworthy and useful customer support system on Bitcoin 360 AI if they run into any problems. They haven’t yet provided any information regarding the effectiveness of the customer care channels, though. Trading professionals must exercise considerable caution when using this instrument.

How to Use Bitcoin 360 AI – Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Open an account

Fill out the form above with the correct information, including your full name, phone number, and email address.

The trader will then be connected by Bitcoin 360 AI to a broker in their area.

Step 2: Make a Deposit

Investors are now able to fund the account with a $250 minimum deposit. It is advised against making a larger amount before trying out the trading program and tactics.

Step 3: Monitor Trading Bot

The platform, according to Bitcoin 360 AI, provides a demo account. Using this, you can obtain the exclusive software without exchanging actual money.

Investors can finally access the typical trading account. By selecting their risk parameters, traders can personalize their trading settings. Additionally, according to the site, investors can choose how much autonomy they want the AI system to have.

Traders have the option of setting an automatic function that will enable the software to go live and execute trades on their behalf, or they can choose to invest manually. We were unable to independently confirm any of these allegations, though.

Bitcoin 360 AI vs other Trading Robots

Minimum Deposit: $250 (in-line with other trading bots and platforms)

Success Rate: 90% (much lower than other platforms like Bitcoin Code with 99.4%)

Can you make money with Bitcoin 360 AI?

According to Bitcoin 360 AI, the platform offers a demo account. By doing this, you can get premium software without paying cash.

Finally, investors have access to the standard trading account. Traders can customise their trading settings by choosing their risk parameters. Additionally, investors can select how much autonomy they want the AI system to have, according to the website.

Traders have the choice of investing manually or creating an automatic feature that will allow the software to go live and execute trades on their behalf. However, we were unable to independently verify any of these claims.

In order to assist you in managing your account and navigating trading in the volatile cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin 360 Ai has worked with CySEC-licensed brokers. Bitcoin 360 Ai values your privacy greatly, so your data is protected by an SSL certificate.

For a novice, trading can be incredibly frightening even when it is being done on your behalf.

It makes logical that you would have many concerns or inquiries, which is why Bitcoin 360 Ai has a customer service team that is staffed and available around-the-clock to make sure your needs are met at all times and you are never in the dark.

Customers of Bitcoin 360 Ai have left a tonne of positive internet reviews of the programme and the revenue it has brought in for them.

Tips for new traders

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of utilizing Bitcoin 360 Ai.

Start With Small Investments

Trading with Bitcoin 360 Ai requires a minimum deposit of 250 EUR. When you first start trading with Bitcoin 360 Ai, this initial deposit will serve as both your capital and your trading account.

Take Regular Profit Withdrawals

It would be wise to keep in mind that you should regularly withdraw the money that Bitcoin 360 Ai has created for you. Profits can be moved to a different digital wallet of your choice or withdrawn into your bank account.

Spend 20 minutes on your account every day.

Although Bitcoin 360 Ai requires really minimal upkeep, it functions best when you log in to your account once or twice daily to monitor activities and keep track of what’s going on.

Invest Prudently

You must trade cautiously and only with extra money that you have accessible because the bitcoin market is unpredictable. This is crucial while utilizing Bitcoin 360 Ai.

Keep an eye on your transactions

Account statements can be downloaded directly from your Bitcoin 360 Ai account. You should regularly download your transactions because you might need to pay taxes on your income as soon as you start making money. You’ll need these records in order to achieve it.

Has Bitcoin 360 AI Been Endorsed by Celebrities?

Dragons Den – Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden

Even though it has been claimed that Bitcoin 360 AI has been supported and recommended by Dragons Den, we could not find any evidence to back this up.

Elon Musk

Even though it has been claimed that Bitcoin 360 AI has been supported and recommended by Elon Musk, we could not find any evidence to back this up.

Jeremy Clarkson

Even though it has been claimed that Bitcoin 360 AI has been supported and recommended by Jeremey Clarkson, we could not find any evidence to back this up.

Holly Marie Willoughby

Even though it has been claimed that Bitcoin 360 AI has been supported and recommended by Holly Marie Willoughby, we could not find any evidence to back this up.

Idris Elba

Even though it has been claimed that Bitcoin 360 AI has been supported and recommended by Idris Elba, we could not find any evidence to back this up.

Ant McPartlin

Even though it has been claimed that Bitcoin 360 AI has been supported and recommended by Ant McPartlin, we could not find any evidence to back this up.

Nicole Kidman

Even though it has been claimed that Bitcoin 360 AI has been supported and recommended by Nicole Kidman, we could not find any evidence to back this up.

Trevor Noah

Even though it has been claimed that Bitcoin 360 AI has been supported and recommended by Trevor Noah, we could not find any evidence to back this up.

Gordon Ramsey

Even though it has been claimed that Bitcoin 360 AI has been supported and recommended by Gordon Ramsey, we could not find any evidence to back this up.

Is It Possible to Withdraw Earnings? 

To get your money, a withdrawal form must be filled out. Within 24 hours after submission, your broker will carry out your payment, which will show up in your bank account.

What are the fees for Bitcoin 360 AI?

The Bitcoin 360 AI website claims that there are no additional fees or subscription costs associated with the cryptocurrency trading robot. Traders can access the AI program that starts following the cryptocurrency markets for free after registering an account and making a deposit of $250 or more.

Further investigation revealed no additional trading fees that this cryptocurrency site levies. We advise investors to conduct their own research before making an investment in any exchange due to the limited information available prior to making a deposit.

Trading Fees: None
Account Fees: None
Software Cost: None


What is Bitcoin 360 Ai & How Does It Work?

An automated trading platform called Bitcoin 360 Ai uses artificial intelligence to forecast market moves and profit from them. The investment approach is praised for its capacity to generate significant profits in the extremely volatile environment of the cryptocurrency markets. Profits are generated automatically every hour until they reach the required amount; there are no fund managers to take risks, watch the market, or look for opportunities.

How Much Profit Can I Make With Bitcoin 360 Ai?

Trading any kind of asset, let alone cryptocurrency, involves a huge number of variables. The amount of capital that should be utilized in relation to other factors like leverage, risk tolerance, account size, and stage of the life cycle will always depend on fallible human judgment. Users are in charge of their portfolios thanks to Bitcoin 360 Ai, which helps to simplify some of this complexity.

Is Bitcoin 360 Ai Free To Use?

It costs nothing to open a trading account with Bitcoin 360 Ai or to pay a license fee.

Does Elon Musk Or Any Corporations (Like Telsa) Use Bitcoin 360 Ai?

There is no proof that Tesla, Elon Musk, or any other major firm uses Bitcoin 360 Ai. Elon, on the other hand, is a very vocal proponent of cryptocurrencies in general, particularly on Twitter, and many businesses do trade and hold it as a substitute for traditional sources of wealth production.

Do Any Celebrities Endorse Bitcoin 360 Ai?

All other famous people, like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Dragon’s Den contestants like Deborah Meadon, do not support Bitcoin 360 Ai. However, there is a chance that they may use cryptocurrency as a means of wealth accumulation.

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