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A Holon is something that is simultaneously a “part” and a “whole” and everyone can join and create their own operational centers (“holons”). This allows BITNATION to remain fluid, be autonomous and thus not limited or controlled by a centralized hierarchy.

102 votes

Regular Meetups

Establish monthly meetings with ambassadors worldwide as a platform for local discussions and collaborations

75 votes

Decentralized University


Establish a university like that of this video game, where practical product research is prioritized over pure research.

62 votes


Lets create a Prototype House together that would fullfill any requirements for an independent life. It will be self-sustaining in energy production and food production and be easy to build without construction skills or knowledge. Only a decentralized living without outer dependencies can make true freedom 🙂

46 votes

CREATION OF A FORUM (Any Volunteers? Visit us on slack)

Following the companion line of thought, I believe that the idea of creating a forum would be great, offer a bigger dynamism and interaction among all. With the experience I have with this type of platform, I can take forward this project.

39 votes

Stop using states currencies !

stopping using states currencies should help to improve global sharing of wealth all over the world.
Why ?. States currencies are just a way to keep citizens chained to a slave system ( obligation to pay states with a currency issued by the same despot).
Bitcoin are not a free currency because it needs to be converted into a despot currency.
We need a free currency steadily issued to all earth citizen avoiding middlemen ( states, banks, etc).

24 votes

Progress updates

Maybe it’s just me being impatient or unobservant, but there is no way for me to really see that anything is progressing in any direction, shouldn’t there be a way for me to see where we’re going?

24 votes

Park Networking

Create differing parks that work like social communities, where networked citizens and entities, can interact. The parks can function together with assets such as Forums, Chat, and BlogPosts.

22 votes

Religious Holon

A holon where the people can share and speak about their religious beliefs. Religion is not only private, it has an important social component. This would guarantee religious and conscience freedom in Bitnation.

17 votes

Integrate APSO system vote for law and elected

A bitcoin based system for create law, elected post and anonymous voting system with history complete system.

9 votes

Fix Google+ (Fixed)

When I try to connect Google+, it says that the bitnation url doesn’t match the one that’s registered with them. Someone needs to update the url or register the correct one with google.

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