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Exosphere is an entrepreneurial learning community and problem-solving laboratory with its headquarters located in the Reñaca sector of Viña del Mar, at the Pacific Coast in Chile.

It’s a place to enhance your life with new experiences, make valuable connections, build lasting relationships, and do extraordinary things with your talents. We work to combine deep, first-principles thinking with earnest action to improve ourselves and the world.

From startups to creative projects and media campaigns, our community’s members are responding to the call from the world for more solutions to its problems. Our mission is to provide an institutional framework to support our members in their endeavors, connect them with aligned collaborators, and enhance their chances of success. Just as importantly, we are here to help them recover and restart after failure.

In a world full of people and organizations selling answers, we are trying to become the first institution built on asking questions.

Exosphere is a new kind of institution that adapts endlessly to the ever-changing needs of people in the networked world (See Breaking Smart). We also help traditional institutions interface with that world to remain relevant to the needs of the people they serve.

For us there is no right or wrong way to do things, just endless experimentation and learning improved ways of doing them. We’ve developed a few thoughts about how to experiment better, but we think even this should be questioned too.


Boost your skills and knowledge

Expand your limits

Take the Lead

Make an Impact

Update Your World Map

Exosphere is a place where you will be
challenged but not judged,
encouraged but not coddled,
pushed but not forced,
connected but not tied,
A place where you can be yourself,
and work on improving yourself,
A place to encounter the most diverse group of enthusiastic people anywhere in the world,
thinking about big ideas,
working on ambitious projects,
figuring out how to dissolve the distinction between work and play,
Where new discoveries are driven by an attitude of lifelong learning and curiosity,
Where people have decided to play the infinite game.