Citizen Security

BITNATION Citizen Security (BCS)

Through our partner organization Dragonfly, BITNATION offer personal protection services for BITNATION Citizens. Other types of 3rd Party Security Service Providers will be added throughout the year, including peer-to-peer protection, and online security.

Dragonfly Individual Protection Services

Dragonfly provide security analysis and close protection services.

Dragonfly gather the highest quality real-time information, recognize and identify potential risks early to develop and apply an intelligent and sensitive low profile solution to ensure trust, confidence and access in any region.

Dragonfly has exceptional expertise in providing security in challenging situations, close protection, extraction and medical evacuation and kidnap and ransom support. Through a wide network of community supporters and professional risk advisers we enable BITNATION citizens the freedom to live their lives without security concerns, and provide 24/7 crisis management services when needed.



    Security Updates, Threat Monitoring, Risk Analysis, GPS tracking. High quality daily updated and triangulated geospatial and text-based security information and analysis from expert field operators.

  • 24/7 Crisis Response Team

    Standby and deployment in case of a planned or emergency response, kidnap and ransom situation management and and medical evacuation by both land and air.

  • Drone Support

    Drone Support during operations. Innovative use of unmanned aerial systems to provide imagery in inaccessible or insecure areas.


    Close Protection Operators and Teams. Highly trained security advisers providing reliable low profile support to rapidly resolve security concerns and provide on-going protection.


    Remote Medical Support. Combat medical experts providing advice and training, direct support and medical evacuation services.

“Personal sovereignty is our birthright, and that includes sovereignty over our safety and security.

I have spent thirty seven years working in war zones from El Salvador via Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Egypt, Angola, Mozambique, Myanmar, Liberia, Sierra Leone, East Timor, Armenia, Bosnia, Russia, Kosovo, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Guinea, Tajikistan, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria most recently.

This experience has given me a clear understanding of how to protect people from predatory entities like states, organized crime groups, and individual miscreants, and ensure that individuals are safe and free from security concerns.

Dragonfly is founded on these principles and offers professional security services so BITNATION citizens may live life to the full in safety.”

James William Fennell, MBE, Founder and Principal at Dragonfly

Dragonfly’s services to BITNATION Citizens have no government, political or private sector affiliations, Dragonfly works solely to protect individuals. Payments in XBN, Bitcoin and Ether are accepted here.