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What does domestic surveillance, rights-crippling laws, and black-ops hackers have in common?
Edward Snowden revealed numerous global surveillance programs, many run by the NSA and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance. Indeed, trillions have been spent on such surveillance while rights-crippling laws have been passed and enforced. High level, black-ops hackers hired by governments can then be used to easily frame victims by planting files onto their hard drives.
We have been using two laptops in our globetrotting adventures since 2015. Both laptops have had a special type of backdoor placed on them which allow high level hackers to plant files. They appear to be high level/black-ops because there is no trace of the files having come from any backdoor. 
• Experts Are Discouraged or Unaware
One friend used to do surveillance work for the CIA. He felt it deeply troubling that the highest level hackers can now plant files on an unsuspecting victim’s computer without a trace of the computer having been hacked. He said many computer forensic specialists who specialize in helping those in legal trouble remain unaware of such high level hackers. 
The onus to prove innocence then resides on the shoulders of the computer owner. 
• Witch Hunt Computer “Templates”
We know a particular individual who has dealings deep down the rabbit hole who deals with black-ops hackers. This individual told us it is a relatively simple matter to plant incriminating files and go so far as to slowly rewrite a computer’s timeline with tens of thousands of files over a period of weeks unbeknownst to the unsuspecting user. Of course, this puts the owner in a highly compromising position. Such witch hunt crime “templates” (terr0rism, drug trafficking, child trafficking, child p*rn, etc) include faked word documents, faked chat threats, faked emails, bogus public accounts, identity theft, and incriminating pictures.
Buying a new laptop does not solve anything as I found out the hard way. Since I have a fairly wide following on the internet, it did not take long for the hacker(s) to find me again and repeat the process. 
• My Background
I am a renowned trader who was a top performing portfolio manager for a legendary investor. My appearance in the media and in books on my investment success made me a target. I was consequently extorted and got to see exactly how the “justice” system works. It lit the fire in my soul to refocus my life on preventing others from having to endure the same experience which was beyond nightmarish.
Further, my unorthodox lifestyle made me an easy target. I believe each of us is unique and must be true to our nature as long as no one is getting hurt. Isn’t that what the Conversations With God books by Walsch all say? That said, I’m proud of my track record in this regard as lifelong bonds are achieved with those Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook have said are just smarter. Huge satisfaction comes when you know you’ve made a positive difference in another person’s life. So I will continue to be true to my nature despite what some narrow-minded, flat-earth types wish to believe. 
I have also made a name for myself in the sciences and in music. My interest and dealings in cutting edge, disruptive technologies also has made me a target. That said, such knowledge has helped me identify areas of growth with the greatest profit potential. 
I started investing in bitcoin when it was still double digits in dollars. It is trading around $5700 at the time of this writing. I then parlayed much of the profits into ethereum shortly after it started trading when it was still well under a dollar. It is currently trading around $300. The hacker(s) targeted my cryptocurrency accounts as it was known by some that I had made good money in this space. I was known as a “whale” in bitcoin circles. A whale is someone who holds at least 1,000 bitcoins. After my accounts were targeted then hacked, my total loss was over $150 mil by the peak of June 2017, not that I would have sold at the top, but the bubble action was quite signature by June. Since 2001, this was the second fortune lost due to deep injustice. 
I have launched a pro bono platform that invests and trades cryptocurrencies. I have also developed cutting edge trading algos that I believe represent the best risk/reward profile of any strategies I have created in my 25+ year trading career. Once again, I am busy rebuilding my lost fortune. Progress has been excellent.
I should also mention I’ve been close with a number of disruptive types whose discoveries threatened the profitability of big business whether it’s in cryptotechnology, stem cells, and biotechnology. These people have either been “suicided”, which means their death was made to look like a suicide, much as what happened to Aaron Swartz, or their reputations have been destroyed. I consider these people heroes, not the heinous villains mainstream media has billed these people. Because I’m a supporter of such people, that’s a third reason I’m a target
Finally, our respective royal family ancestry imply great wealth, even though such is not the case, but this makes my friend and I both vulnerable targets
Recently, there have been no hack attacks on our computers, but we cant help feel they are trying to set us up. Hopefully the big hack done on my cryptocurrency accounts will be the last of it. 
This brings to mind a big issue. Any hacker-planted files must be erased using US DoD 3- and 7-pass methods otherwise those deleted files can be recovered. Most computer users do not sit with the technical know-how to delete files in this manner. And then one may be totally unaware of any newly planted files. Some computers such as mine have well over 100,000 files spread across multiple hard drives which represent 15+ years of files, so most would find it highly impractical to know where to look on their hard drive to find any incriminating files. 
• Superprison Big Business

What is the main motive behind backdooring someone’s computer with incriminating files? It makes it relatively easy to imprison a person. Prisons are massive business. The UK alone has nine superprisons being built given laws enforced in recent years which cripple personal rightsAnd this is also true in the US:


The Queen of England also allowed the prison system to be privatized to maximize profits and profit-sharing:

All of the following was recently written and compiled by various “freedom fighters”, some from Silicon Valley who are well known and others who are some of the brightest in cutting edge cryptotechnologies who are developing technologies they believe will have a massive impact on the direction of humanity. The bullet point headings are mine for easier viewing:

Two of the most powerful governments are turning Earth into a prison planet as they take it upon themselves to police the world. Freedom of speech is no longer as free as it once was and can come at great cost to a person’s liberty. For example, numerous people in the US and UK have been arrested on the basis of simple texts they have written on their facebook pages.

Indeed, as most now realize, the US single-handedly obliterated the Bill of Rights with passage of the Patriot Act laws in the name of terrorism, but these laws have instead decimated freedom of speech among many other freedoms. 

“If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged.” -Cardinal Richelieu

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