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The web 3.0 is undergoing rapid research and development, with network-state infrastructure such as Ethereum, the “world computer”, showing the first use-cases for dApps, decentralized applications, a sort of “virtual institutions”, which throughout the next decade will replace institutions that run on top of nation-states, as part of a global reformation into the networked-society.

To provide an infrastructure that can bridge the web 3.0 and the Pangea jurisdiction with the nation-states, and organizations such as the UN, Bitnation is launching a global network of Bitnation Ports, with the first one up and running in Singapore since August this year.

The ports are modeled on Vinay Gupta’s work with the Dubai National Blockchain Strategy from 2015, which developed the idea that Dubai could become a future port, where ideas are imported from the domain of potential into the domain of reality, and then exported to the rest of the world.

Similar to how Amsterdam, Venice and Hong Kong were constructed as ports to trade between Europe and the new worlds Europeans entered from the 14th to 19th centuries, Bitnation Ports are entities incorporated in nation-state jurisdictions to build diplomatic and trading relationship between the Pangea jurisdiction (and the web 3.0 overall) and legacy systems.

The Bitnation Port infrastructure is one of the ways in which Bitnation is positioning itself as a sovereign jurisdiction, Pangea, and supporting the broader web 3.0 development, as well as the reformation from nation-states to “network-states” through providing ongoing diplomacy, and ways of bridging a new world of DBVNs with legacy states.

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Balaji Srinivasan’s keynote at Estonia’s Friends International Meeting in 2015, where Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia, did the second keynote, goes through a lot of the concepts around the ongoing reformation from nation-states to network-states.
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Vinay Gupta presented his work with the 2015 Dubai National Blockchain Strategy, as well as the vision that Dubai could become a sort of future port, at the European Parliament. Vinay Gupta is also an advisor of Bitnation since 2016.
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