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BITNATION is a holacratic organization, meaning there are no outdated management structures, no barriers to entry, and anyone can join or create teams (‘holons’), whether for-profit or nonprofit, benefiting from the support and technological infrastructure of the BITNATION community.
You can view our partners from all around the world on our Allies Directory.

When you partner with BITNATION, you get access to all our teams, community, chats, and newsroom where you can post news directly to our Facebook and Twitter feeds.
We want to talk to you if you have a plan to radically disrupt the world, and are working on disruptive innovation in –

  • Governance 2.0
  • Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Space exploration
  • Nanotechnology
  • Virtual reality
  • Seasteading
  • 3D printing
  • MOOCs and online education
  • Micronations
  • Holacracy

You can suggest your own projects in the chat, and if there’s a consensus that it advances our movement for voluntary DIY Governance movement, it can be funded through our Backfeed integration!

With love,